Technical and Scientific Secretariat

Our integrated administration services encompass a range of functions including the technical, scientific, trade and tourism secretariats.

Technical Secretariat

The technical secretariat is the link between the organisational committee of an event and those attending it. Its work focuses on coordinating all the technical aspects of the event, be it live or virtual, divided into different areas.

Of these, we can highlight:

  • Prepare feasibility report.
  • Prepare lists and reports.
  • Manage marketing and promotion of the congress.
  • Apply to institutions for the recognition of scientific and health interest, training credits and honorary committee.
  • Design, develop and launch the congress website.
  • Manage online registrations (check-in online).


  • Venue secretariat. Provide an information centre, managing the administration, coordination and promotion of the congress, right from the first moment of our official appointment as secretariat. This includes:
    • Attracting resources for sponsorship for the various resources (delegates portfolios, congress website etc.).
    • Hiring, management and control of social events.
    • Suppliers: selection, supervision and coordination of audio-visual equipment, catering and hospitality, printing and reprographics, signs and display boards etc.

Science secretariat

  • Develop and implement online management system for communications and the reception of the electronic congress poster.
  • Provide personalised contact with congress speakers.
  • Produce congress certificates and diplomas.
  • Collaborate with and support the science committee for the production, printing and diffusion of the programme.
  • Apply to institutions for the recognition of scientific and health interest and training credits.