Secretariat Services

The comprehensive secretarial service that we offer covers the functions of Technical Secretariat, Scientific Secretariat, Secretary of Trade Exhibition, Tourist Secretary.

Provalentia offers a comprehensive range of secretariat services covering the Technical, Scientific, Exhibition, Tourism and Travel Agency secretariats.

Our Secretariat Services cover:

  • Project feasibility analysis.
  • Creation of corporate/event image and preparation of event documentation.
  • Creation of attendee records custom reports.
  • Implementation and development of the event’s online communications and reception and management of presentation materials (e.g. e-posters).
  • Liaison with speakers and distinguished guests.
  • Creation and distribution of the exhibition dossier.
  • Dissemination and promotion of the conference.
  • Management of conference’s certificates and diplomas.
  • Creation of the conference’s website.
  • Management of online event registrations.
  • Management of administrative services: revenue management, cost control, management of payables/receivables, among others.
  • Preparation of reports on the event’s key metrics and cost-effectiveness.
  • In-house secretariat during the event/conference:
    • Personalised services to guest speakers and VIP.
    • Management of monetisation initiatives and sponsorships.
    • Management of social events.
    • On-site supervision, coordination and management of suppliers (e.g. audio-visual services, catering, signage, etc.).