Virtual congresses

At Provalentia we have adapted to current circumstances by offering congresses online with our maximum guarantee of organisational success.

Our leitmotif is our focus on listening to the client, understanding their needs, and giving them proven solutions to achieve a result that exceeds their expectations.

OPC/General Planning

  • Establish initial goals.
  • Advice and planning.
    Prepare the congress programme with committees.
  • Prepare organisational calendars.
    Forge relationships with both public and private institutions to obtain support.
  • Manage event registrations.
  • Locate and contact digital suppliers.
  • Coordinate and manage all personnel involved in the event.

Online venue/virtual forum

  • Recommend virtual platforms on which to host the event regardless of scale.
  • Virtual campus for the organisation of online training events (courses, seminars, training days).


  • Locate and contact event sponsors.

Financial management

  • Prepare budgets and assess viability of the project. Provide general administration of the congress.
  • Assure economic transparency, before, during and after the event.
    Present accounts and balances to committees whenever required.